Please install the game from Play Store, and open the shared link again. It will open directly in game. You can also play the game on your PC directly in browser.
The game is not available yet on iOS devices, but you can open this link on your PC and play the game directly in browser. is a multiplayer racing game. You can race on tracks built by other players. You can also build your own tracks using the in-game editor and make them public so other players can also drive on them.


The race mode is the main mode of the game. You can explore public tracks built by other players and race on them. The leaderboard keeps track of the best scores on that track. There are also verified tracks, which are high-quality tracks manually verified by the devs. If you hit something or fly off the track, don't worry, the checkpoints are here to help you! Press the restart button to spawn from the last checkpoint. If you press and hold it, you will restart the race from the beginning. Soon, a competitive racing mode will also arrive, which will bring even more fun!


The in-game editor allows you to create new tracks. Tracks are built from segments. There are various segments like straight track pieces, curbs, climbs, loops, platforms, inclined platforms, corners, etc. Some of the track pieces have additions, like boosters that increase the speed of the car, ramps, pylons, and checkpoints. There are also various decorations, like spectator booths and displays with arrows. After you finish building your track, you can make it public so other players can also race on it. But remember, that you have to fully complete it before making it public. Be sure to also read the in-game tutorials, which better explain how to use the editor.


If you want to learn and practice the controls, the drive mode is perfect for you. It contains a large scene with various track segments, for example, loops, ramps, and boosters. There aren't any timers/objectives, so you can drive as much as you want.


Inside the garage, you can change your car used in the drive/race modes. Each car comes with 3 different skins. For now, all the cars and skins are unlocked. When a progress system will be implemented, you will have to unlock them.


Some icons in the game are made by Freepik from